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Current Deals
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 If you found us on one of the above mentioned forums, please purchase your first deal through them. You will have the opportunity to purchase two more deals through us directly. 
If you found us by referral,
 facebook,  yelp, google, etc
please purchase your deals through us directly.
We allow a total of three discounted services.  If you received your first deal through a third party, you can purchase two more through us for yourself and two more as gifts!
Do not purchase more than one third party deal!

Massage Therapy Deal Rates

                        1 HOUR     1.5 HOUR    2 HOUR
1ST VISIT      $55            $67                   $99
2ND VISIT    $59            $79                   $119
3RD VISIT    $67            $99                   $139
MEDICAL    $70           $110                  $150
REGULAR   $85            $125                  $165

                      We will be offering a medical membership soon!
                     Lock-in a discounted price when you Join.
                               We will update the website when it becomes available.
                                                Let us know that you are interested!

Sauna Package Pricing

Regular base rate of $1.25/minute guarantees private tailored session. Choose a program goal setting from the list at the top of this page.

Purchase a package of

300 minutes at 20% off normally $375.00
save $75.00 now $300.00!

500 minutes at 30% off normally $625.00
save $187.50 now $437.50!

800 minutes at 40% off normally $1,000.00
save$400.00 now $600.00!

Regular base rate of $1.00/minute doesn’t guarantee private session. 2 others may join you. Sauna is set to a general full spectrum setting, no program goal settings are used.

300 minutes at 20% off normally $300.00
save $60.00 now $240.00!

500 minutes at 30%off normally $500.00
save $150.00 now $350.00!

800 minutes at 40%off normally $800.00
save $320.00 now $480.00!

Medical Rate
Must bring written recommendation for sauna from a Medical Doctor (ex: MD, ND, Chiropractor etc)
Private tailored sessions can be requested but are not guaranteed.

must purchase a package of

800 minutes to receive additional 20% off

normally $400.00
save $80.00 now $320.00!

              can purchase online, by phone or in house.
Subject to availability. Limit three total deals in each category per person. May buy two additional as gifts. Must complete services within 6 months from purchase date. After 6 months, discounted purchase values revert to the amount paid and can be used toward any service.
Deal rates are not available for appointments with Stephanie. As the owner of the wellness center, she has many obligations and therefore, she accepts a limited number of massage appointments each week and charges the full rate. The deal rate is only applicable to appointments with Stephanie when she fills in for a staff member who becomes unavailable.
Thank you for your understanding.
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